Our Story

REEFER FDS is a small company, based in Florida, providing quality products with a clean ocean lifestyle message.  Growing up on the West coast of Florida, we spend most of our time in and around the water.  Fishing, diving, and surfing are just some of the favorite pass times we enjoy here in Florida. The Gulf of Mexico off our western coast and the Atlantic Ocean to the East, not only provide us with some of the best beaches in the World, they cannot help but create memories that last a lifetime.

 It is becoming more and more evident that the oceans are becoming sick with pollution.  They are not only vital to the survival of Florida, they are vital to us all.  As plastic pollution grows throughout the World's oceans, so it does on our beaches and in our local water ways.  Ocean plastic is detrimental on aquatic life from ingestion to entanglements and we want to help rid the oceans of plastics.  As a company we want to give back to the waters that have given us everything.  Not only cleaning locally ourselves, but to spread the word globally.  If everyone around the World cleans locally, then local becomes global.  

We have now launched a brand that helps bring 3 vastly different water sports together.  We have created REEFER FDS which brings fishing, diving, & surfing together under one umbrella to spread the word on Ocean Pollution and the effects not only on marine animals but reefs too.  With your purchase, you help fund our clean-up efforts throughout Florida.  If you fish reefs, dive reefs, or surf reef breaks; You are a Reefer!

Together we can make a difference.